What does it mean to commission an art piece?

What does it mean to commission an art piece?

Have you ever wondered what the term “commissioned art piece” means? 

It basically means to get an artist to paint a specific painting for you. Of the subject that you want or in the colors that you specifically want.

I have to admit i always felt a bit apprehensive at the idea of painting commissioned art pieces.

I was worried that what people envisioned or imagined would not be the same as your final painting, and that they would disappointed.


Things to consider when getting a commissioned art piece done:

  • You must like the look and feel of the artists work.
  • You must like the subject matter and art style of the artist( don’t expect a mixed media artist painting whimsical creature to be able to do a landscape or realistic portrait of your pet, for instance.)
  • You must allow the artist creative freedom( don’t think of them as an extension of your hand- for instance saying move the hairline a bit up or make the eyes a tinge lighter😂🤷🏻‍♀️) Does that make sense?

Have realistic expectations. 

I have a process in place that makes it easy, painless and fun for me and my client. Let me explain it to you.


  • Firstly we decide on size of canvas/ paper, the subject and colors you would like.
  • Then i will give you a quote with costs, shipping costs etc.
  • I require 50% of the costs when i start working on the project and the final 50% and shipping costs before i send it.
  • When we agree on a subject and colors i do a very basic sketch on procreate with image, colors and placement that i have in mind. At this stage you can make changes very easily.
  • This is an example of the procreate sketch that i do before starting on the actual piece.

  • Once we agree i start working on the actual art piece.
  • I send a few progress images after initial sketch, after background, after first layers of paint etc.



  • We communicate the whole time( my clients love this and get very excited about their painting at this point)
  • I will send a final photo  when i am happy with painting  the to see if the client wants anything added before i seal the painting.
  • If they are happy i will add final layer of sealant to protect the painting.
  • Get the last 50% of payment, package painting very well and get it shipped out.



This easy step for step process really  works for me and my clients.


I am happy to say that i have not had a client that was not happy and in love with their final piece.I am always so humbled and ecstatic when  clients love my art pieces.

 Hope this has helped make the process clearer and that you consider getting  an art piece commissioned. 

There is something extra special about having input into your art piece.


Feel free to contact me if you would like:

  •   A devine feminine portrait( of yourself or a reference image)
  • A fairy whimsical portrait( of yourself or a reference image)
  • A positive affirmation that you need in your life


    Until next time, hugs and kisses.



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