About Adelien
Hello and Welcome to My Colourful Art World.

Thanks for popping in. I hope spending time here adds magic and positivity to your day.

My name is Adelien. I am a Mixed media artist. I am originally from South Africa and now living on the North shore of Auckland. I live here with my 2 teen boys and hubby.

Art is my therapy, meditation, hobby and hopefully soon full-time career. I am inspired by whimsy, magical creatures, powerful devine feminine archetypes and positive energy!

My Art Is Full Of Colour

I love incorporating positive affirmations in my work. I really believe that we can raise our personal energy and the energy of our environment by adding color and positive words and affirmations. Some of my values are Authenticity, empowerment, freedom and collaboration.

My intention with my art is to bring color, magic and fun into peoples lives. I want to empower and encourage people through affirmations, And ultimately elevate peoples energy and vibrations.

My mission is to help spread positivity with my original art pieces, prints and practical sustainable merchandise covered in positive inspirational art.

Wishing you happiness, magic and positivity is abundance!

Enjoy browsing my website, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.