Teabag art fairies

Teabag art fairies

I am starting my year with magical fairies and creative projects.

Hello everybody!

Welcome to my first blog for 2023.

I have joined a project on social media called #the100dayproject.

It is a wonderful way to get back into the swing of things. To glide back into a regular creative practice. 

Which  of course does not have to be art. It can be anything! Knitting, singing, gardening, writing etc.Anything that light up your soul.

Any skill that you want to learn, work on or improve.

There is a feeling of being a part of something. A feeling of accountability when you join a project with thousands of people all over the world.

Following the #the100dayproject is also so Inspiring. People are so very creative, aren’t they?

Why did i choose fairies and teabags you might ask?

Well firstly if you know  anything  about me, you will know that i love fairies, whimsy and magic.

So the subject matter was a no brainer. The reason i chose to work small on teabags, well i find it hard to work small. When you work small you need to add way less details. Which of course is really hard for me.


For me more is more! So tiny teabags was the perfect canvas for tiny fairies.




What have i learned so far?

Well the teabags are very porous so a thick layer of matte medium was needed for the following layers to be as bright as they can be.

I am also learning that on a small surface less is actually more. Who knew!

I am definitely  improving my skills and having so much fun in the process.

I am not being to hard on myself by having unrealistic expectations to HAVE TO DO A FAIRY A DAY!

My goal is to be working on, prepping teabags or researching images daily. Not completing a painting a day.


This also then is a practice in being kind to myself. By doing it this way, i actually am having the best time ever! With no stress or pressure. Which means that i will probably keep doing it for the entire 100 days.




 I will keep you posted on my progress.

In the meantime have a magical week! I hope you are improving your skills by doing something that lights up your soul!


Let me know in the comments below if you have joined #the100dayproject?

Would love to know what creative project you are working on as part of an organized project  or on your own.


Hugs and Kisses





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  • Gill Fell

    You have really inspired me – thank you

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