I am Adelien

About Adelien

Adelien craves a world where compassion, intuition, and harmony are the key elements for living.

Through her striking paintings, she aims to take people on an inner journey; to reconnect with their true nature, to believe in magic, to dream big and to be their 100% uncensored selves. Adelien's art work is stylised, innocent, colourful, layered and whimsical in nature.

She also loves chocolates, dancing, and kindness.

Happy to be called Adi, let me introduce myself

My name is Adelien. Originally from South Africa, I have been living in New Zealand since January 2016. Based in Auckland's north shore, I live with my husband and 2 teen boys.
Being the only girl in the house, I have ample time to spend on my art. I have always been creative one way or the other. I have always had love for fabric paintings and mosaics. But I got into mixed media art to help me deal with the trauma and grief of immigration.

Art is a wonderful tool to reduce anxiety and stress. I find art to be healing. I hope my art brings similar kind of healing, joy, happiness and fun into your life.
I love bright colors, everything whimsical, fairies and the female face.
I guess all art form is a self portrait in some way. I am still learning and improving my skills with online learning. I am very excited to see where my art journey takes me.

Adelien runs a variety of popular mixed media art classes in her art school which has over 500+ members and grows with about 20-25 mixed media enthusiasts each month!

Adelien lives and works in the north shore of Auckland with her handsome husband, and two teenage boys.
If you too want to learn from Adelien be sure to check out all the classes on offer by clicking here.