Classes & workshop

I do a 4 hour mixed media workshop, where we start dipping our toes into the vastness of mixed media. The purpose of art making is never really the end result but the process. The process of making art is very therapeutic, calming, and reduces anxiety.
What i love about mixed media is that there are no rules! Happiness is! We break all the rules about how art should be made.
During these workshops, I will guide you through the process of making a layered mixed media canvas. I supply the canvas and all art materials. What's more? You get to take your canvas home at the end of the workshop. 
At this stage, I can accommodate between 4 and 6 people in my workshop space. All workshops are priced at $75.00 all included. 
A fun way to do a workshop is to bring a couple of friends with you, everybody loves spending time with friends, having fun, learning new things. 
Contact us to book your 4 hrs mixed media workshop with friends, promise you will have fun, and you will love it. 
Can’t wait to share the magic of mixed media with you.