Tote bags! What is the deal with them?

Tote bags! What is the deal with them?

Have you incorporated reusable fabric totes into your daily life?


Do you remember the days of getting free plastic shopping bags from every single retailer for every single purchase that you made?


Did you also have a drawer in your kitchen where you accumulated a crap load of them to use at a later date?

I remember how long it took me to change my habits.

Looking at where and how i could start using less plastic.

How i could be kinder to the environment?Once i got my mind around that my artistic side got inspired to make my reusable fabric tote bags pieces of art.

Statement pieces if you will. 


Adding some positive vibes on useful items


I find that having positive affirmations on items i use everyday like tote bags, zip pouches etc. is a very effective reminder to think a positive thought.




Having magical, colorful, whimsical and fun images scattered through my day really brings a smile to my face.


Does color and positivity also make you happy?

Does it bring a smile to your face like it does for me?I BELIEVE IN FAIRIES TOTE

If you haven’t started using reusable tote bags yet, i highly recommend it. Being kind to the environment feels good.It is a small way that every individual can make a difference.    

And using positive affirmations to lift our vibrations and thoughts is a way to be kind to ourselves.


Let me know if and how your bring positivity into your life.


Until next time if hope your days are filled with positive words, vibes and people.


Hugs and Kisses



. .   

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