My very first blog!

My very first blog!


welcome to my website and my first blog.

I have to admit i procrastinated WAYYYY to long  writing this. After all i am a painter not a writer…ha,ha.

My plan is to share info about my products, my process and things that inspire me in these blogs.

I live on the north shore of Auckland in New Zealand with my hubby and 2 teen boys ( i know, wish me luck)

My creative space is a combination of my art studio and my nail salon,2 things that i love doing.

I have been doing mixed media art for the past 4 years. it has changed my life, it brings magic and color into my life.

I look forward to sharing lots more with you.


Chat soon!

Hugs and kisses



  • Laura

    I absolutely love your art! I’m your biggest fan! I’m also excited for what you create next xxx

  • Marina

    Since the moment Adelien was born she smiled and have been all her life . Oh yes and colour and bling makes her happy .Thats my girl Adelien.Love mom..

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