Glorious Color wheel of magic!

Colorful image with pink daisies on a turquoise background

Are you a color Lover?

I have always loved color. I wanted the red glittery shoes rather than the boring black or brown ones.

I chose the multi color striped duvet cover over the white one.

Talking about white, you will never see white towels or bedding in my house.IT IS JUST TOO BORING!
Color is the language of my soul! It excites and motivates me. it makes me happy.


I have  colorful painted furniture in my house that is unique and unusual. This makes me very happy!

My art in my space is an eclectic mix of things that i find interesting and it brings me joy every-time i look at it.

 My personal style is also colorful.

I love colorful shoes, I have numerous pairs of colorful Converse sneakers.

I love having pink streaks in my hair and I adore colorful jewelry.

Color, interior design, hair color, nail color, art.

These are all tools that we can use to express our individuality and uniqueness.

Color has energy and different colors can affect our moods and emotions in different ways.

Cool colors are calming and warm colors are invigorating.

Pink and Turquoise are my fave colors. They always show up in my work. I also love black. It makes all the bright colors pop and shine. I don’t really feel satisfied with an art piece until i have added some black to it.

Do you love color as much as i do? What color is your favorite? Are you scared to add color to your space or does it come naturally to you?



I would love to know what your relationship is to color. Drop me a line and share you thoughts on color and how you use it in your life.


Until next time.

Hugs and kisses



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